Saturday, 2 July 2011

the winners of my 100 followers blog giveaway are......

so i folded loads of little names on little bits of paper....(i am so technically minded)
i honestly would love to give something to everyone who left a comment, your all such lovely people and i really do appreciate your comments and support, and being very polite aboout my spelling mistakes and typos!
so winner of the saffron craig fabric is flyingblindonarocketcycle

 email me and let me know how you would like your metre sweetie!

the crochet book and wool to    rosalily

the vintage lot goes to jumblesandpompoms

and who will hopefully being wearing and loving a top made by my fair (wrinkled, chipped nailed) hands is....
taz - littleboozle so will be flying down to Australia!

i will try and post on Tuesday, so email me and let me have your address please. 


  1. Yayayay! Thank you V - I'll be right on to making a choice!! Yippee! Well done to the other winners too x

  2. There will be some very happy people out there in Blogland right now - what a great and generous giveaway!

  3. Oh. Oh. Oh. Yay me! Made my Sunday brighter!

    Thanks for the giveaway and thanks for being willing to post Down Under. xx

  4. Congratulations you four lucky ladies :o)

    Have a fab week Verity :o)

  5. Happy dances!!!! This has made my day! xxxx