Tuesday, 2 August 2011

bonjour and a little art

 Today was the last day our lovely french girl Clara was with us. Tomorrow i drive her to the airport. For her last day we went to Tate Modern (really cos i love it).
 We looked at some weird and wonderful pieces..

 The picture below didn't come out very well. The artist took pictures of inside dolls houses.

 We then walked along the south bank, which is looking great, with a mock up beach and lots of beach huts with different things in. It was great having a peak.
 Surrounded by art, and then we saw  'toastie' (well we thought it was him) from Britain's got talent. He was the one who made art from toast... anyway he was raising money for art college by painting famous pictures, and they were very good.
We ended the day with a tour of Parliament. As some may remember i used to work there and luckily my lovely friend Fiona still does and gave us a little tour, it was lovely being back and walking through the House of Commons and Lords, plus the Queens section. I hope it was really special for Clara too.
It will be concentrate on Miss Gingers, from tomorrow onwards.

I will be doing Greenwich Market friday and saturday for the rest of the holidays and have lots of plans for workshops, packs, and new stock to order. xx


  1. Looks like you had a great day! I'm excited about the Market dates: I'll be up to see Lisa end of August, so can come and see you!

  2. Being a London girl I miss the buzz of the city loads, when I lived there I was sightseeing every weekend, how could anyone ever be bored in London? Shame I live in Lincolnshire! xx

  3. that sounds like a lovely day, we made a sandcastle on the southbank beach a few weeks ago
    : )

  4. From those photos it looks like you all had a great day out; I have yet to visit the Tate Modern - its still on the 'To Do' list!

  5. Sounds dreamy, have a great summersworth of market days!

  6. Fabulous! Looks like you had the most perfect day! x

  7. The beach huts look fantastic! sounds like a great day :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!