Thursday, 4 August 2011

tidy and make do

Today was first day, since breaking up for the summer holidays that i had a little time to myself. The most important thing to do was clear up my sewing area that had become a right pickle of half finished, planned and gone wrong items all stuffed together.

 After just a little sorting... ta dar..
 Ok, it still is a little hectic, but ready to work from.

 So with 'Miranda' (such fun!) on the lap top i cleared the table to start making my 'Anna Tunic' from the Amy Butler Pattern. As i am now selling this pattern i thought i should try and make one myself.
 I am going to make it with the lovely bike fabric (on sale in my etsy shop!)
 I always copy my patterns onto tracing paper, it means that i can make the item again in any size, or if the pattern has various ways to make the top/skirt etc you can do again.
 I did start running out of time, so just managed to cut out the tracings, ready to use on sunday.
I did use a a peice of the fabric to patch up my old favourite jeans. The rip in the bum was so bad and my age meant i could not wear them out, unless i wanted my children to disown me, and to give people a snigger... And well i may look like an 80's throw back but i love them! shall i do the knees too?
It is now time to walk the lovely Frank, then pack up for market tomorrow and saturday. fingers crossed i get a good pitch. xxx


  1. I need to do exactly this...organise my sewing area!

    Gemma x

  2. Your area is looking good now! We (hubby and me) are completely overhauling the study this weekend, groan:( I will be taking pictures just to bore everyone with! xx

  3. Nice bit of tidying, and tunic will look smashing!

    Bum patch is great, perhaps some elbow patches too?!

  4. That is the most elegant sewing cabinet I've ever seen! My yarn is all stashed in ugly plastic boxes...

  5. I love your sewing cabinet too, its a brilliant and chic idea!

  6. The cabinet is gorgeous - tidy or untidy! lol!

  7. It's always a nightmare clearing up the sewing area, but it definitely makes life easier!

  8. Good job on the tidy up - your cupboard looks beautiful! Hope you got the pitch you wanted today, and stay dry! xxx

  9. It's so much easier to create when your area is tidy :) love the patch on your jeans, the 80's rock!!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. Hello! Just found your blog, lovely! Shall add you to my list!! x

  11. Love the bike fabric, where is it from???!
    Nattie x

  12. LOVE your cabinet!!
    Hope the market went well

    BH x

  13. Love what you did to your jeans - go on ... do the knees too! And wear them out, with your kids.