Wednesday, 10 August 2011

thanks, lovelies, funny frank

It seems that we may be over some of the worst of the rioting in South East London. I certainly hope so. thoughts to all effected. x and a big thank you for all your comments. We certainly didn't have it nearly as bad as many others but it was chilling and I do appreciate your thoughts.
Shall we move on to happier things? yes yes pleeeeeeese!!!
Look what i got!
 I recently took part in a swap - that i did very well in! Fabulous hand made bag, how neat and well made it is! i hope you can see from the pictures. They came last early last week and i have been meaning to show all but got a little distracted.
 Some lovely smellies, a great fabric covered bangle, and fabric belt. All from the very talented and fabulous Tracy at
 Even the cards gorgeous. x thank you again Tracy. x
 And to end, is this the best dog picture you have ever seen? with obviously the best dog. I am even thing of getting it put on canvas i love it soooo much.


  1. What a wonderful giveaway, so many lovely goodies, I think the dog is pretending to be human!
    Sue Xxx

  2. Lovely stuff! Is that a labradoodle? Very cute indeed.

  3. Haha that photo is brilliant! I'm glad things have calmed down for you in London x

  4. Glad things are settling down. Lovely gifts and THE cutest dog! M x

  5. Aw your dog has brought a smile to my face. Great swap gifts too. Lets hope the rest of this week brings equally peaceful photographs. x

  6. I love the card, it is brillaint. It seems to be quietening down now, I just hope it stays that way. The photo of your dog is adorable, I think it would look great on canvas xxx

  7. Oh my, look at that dog, I just want to hug him xx

  8. omg! I love the dog picture and I am going to Pintrest it!

    Lovely goodies and an amzing bag! You are a lucky girl today!

  9. Frank is just so cute! My Tash and Coco woofed when they saw the picture ;) Great bag, so pretty.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. Loving Franks pic! Also great swap parcel. Glad the worst of the riot madness is over. Scarlett x

  11. Glad things have quietened down. It's been horrible and sad, hasn't it? Love your give away goodies. But most of all I love your doggy! xxx