Tuesday, 16 August 2011

betty blue eyes and what some people say!

My oh my i am enjoying doing a day of rest today. I spent friday, saturday and sunday at greenwich market. i had a new delivery of the most fabulous fabrics, they seemed to go down well. But they all needed unwrapping and sorting. Each day i do the market they all have to be taken, the stall set up, the everything put out. it takes about 2 1/2 hours each morning. I do now leave some behind as i simply cant fit them all in my little car. Also they are soooooo heavy. i will be putting some in my etsy shop soon and also showing some hear. I think I may be addicted as I already have my eye on some more. I do know I constantly need really need to build up on my collection.
Last night we had a well earned night out. My mum, daughter, son, and nephew (oh and me of course) went to see Betty Blue eyes at the theatre.
 I really enjoyed it. Despite being shattered it made me laugh and also a little sad at times. I do recommend it, though my son wasn't so impressed and prefered shrek (not a big surprise he is 13!) I did also love all the clothes and took an extra look at how all the hair was done. I do love the clothes of the 1940's and was most complemented when my lovely nephew said ' you look like the ladies on stage' bless - it is his birthday soon, so maybe he wants a nice gift!! ha ha. right i am of to put relax.
I will show some beautiful designs soon xx

oooo and i just wanted to share with you something that i overheard at the market - two mum with their small children.
one mum said to the other
'i really don't like animals i got rid of the fish'

'no i dont like them either - i got a cat last month, but gave it away after a week. At least when she grows up she can say that she had animal when she was a child'
Sad or funny! can't decide maybe a bit of both!!!


  1. The show looks like one not to miss.....quite inspiring too I fancy.
    R.E. mummies convo......I nearly spat my tea out ( and what a waste that would have been! )..... seriously....were they not joking???????!
    nattie x

  2. I bet it is really hard work doing the market - glad you're enjoying it, and look forward to seeing some of your fabrics. Glad you had a nice time at the theatre - your nephew is going to be a very popular young man!

  3. Man you are working hard! Don't get me started on pets!

  4. That overheard conversation sounded awful, I hope they were kidding, yes Nattie spitting tea is a waste:) Poor animals I say, but I always stick up for animals xx

  5. Oh! We tried SO hard to go see Betty Blue Eyes when we were in London but never managed it. I love A Private Function and was fascinated at how they were going to make it into a musical.
    Yes the market does sound like hard work. Don't build up too much fabric stock Verity, as the patterns go out of season. :) Very interested in seeing what gorgeous things you are getting!

  6. I haven't been to Greenwich market for ages.
    Next time I come, I'll come and say hi.
    Tell me those mummies were joking.........please!

  7. Look forward to seeing your fabrics sounds like you have a lot to do. Its sad i feel if children don't live with a pet while growing up there are so many good life lessons to be learnt. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  8. Looking forward to seeing your fabrics! Ive seen that show promoted on tv loads recently, it does look quite good.

    I also had a real chuckle over your overheard, the cat probably had a lucky escape ;o) Scarlett x