Wednesday, 14 September 2011

new delivery - fabulous fabrics!

 They are funky and beautiful! Well, i think so! I am looking forward to seeing how well they go down at Greenwich this weekend.
 I am actually taking Saturday off - a well deserved break after working 15 days straight. Although now i am quite tempted to do the saturday just to see how they sell. The day will be spent cleaning and working on my on line shop.
 I think i will have to fight every bit of temptation not make some little cushions and kitchen curtains out of these beauties. They are for sale - i keep haing to tell myself!
What do you think.......? x


  1. Oh my! I think they are gorgeous Verity!

    That cowboy one is very special though :o)

    Have a great week my lovely, and take care,
    Donna xx

  2. Oh I love them, esp the cowboy print one at the end! Scarlett x

  3. Oh so cute - I remember my mum having calendars and prints of the top one (or its cousins!). Have a rest, please xxx

  4. Oh gosh Verity, they are scrummy! While I echo Hadley's suggestion that you rest, I'm also going to ask if you're planning to do the Market on sept 25th? I'll be visiting Lisa and I'm sure we will come to the Market. If not, I'll ask her to look this weekend and get me some!

  5. Really like the second one, scenes from family life just perfect

  6. They are lovely - I like the first one.


  7. hey Hun they are awesome love the one at the top very new England. yes curtains or roman blinds to show them off. xxx bexxie76

  8. I really love the second one down.
    Hope you're enjoying your day off

  9. You have loads of lovely fabrics - it was so sweet of you to give me the Day of the Dead piece, I love it! Was really nice to meet you, I'm in the process of writing up my recent Greenwich visits - I've been a bit behind on the blogging, but littlest has finally started a couple of hours nursery a day so I should have a bit more time x

  10. fab! I'm looking for a woodlandy fabric for my cot valance. I want to make it three layers of fabric but I would LOOOVE something that has fawns, more realistic ones not cartoony. Or owls. Or even tree or leaves. I had a look at your fabrics on here but I thought I'd check to see if you had anything not posted. I'd so much rather buy from someone I know! x