Saturday, 10 September 2011

i hate gardening! and hoards of teenagers.....

 I seem to be the only person who does not like gardening, especially amoung crafters, but i really don't. Now before you wonder if i may be mad, i will prove that yes i am.. I gave in to demands and allowed my 13 year old son to have an end of summer party for his friends. This included getting him a giant bouncy castle - big enough for adults (lets face it some 13 year olds look older than 20!) I am the only adult there - my partner Joe had to go away for work (or a lucky excuse?!!!) From 1pm i was given the pleasure of 25 13 year olds jumping, screaming and or looking 'cool'. Of course Frank the puppy was desperate to join in but was banned. Starting to believe i am mad? you will now I promise, as i then allowed 8 of them to sleep over. (i never will again) and I wish to take this opportunity to apologise to my neighbours.
 To continue the madness, the next morning i thought it would be a good idea to tidy the garden, which led me to cutting everything back like i was trying to get through the forbidden forest
 picking up odd apples. socks, shoes, gloves and forgotton items

and so many apples i don't know what to do with them all. and the gardening? well, all the weeds are growing back, the grass needs cutting again, and i really should have just done some sewing!



  1. Truly mad! Hope you have recovered ... M x

  2. Oh I like a tidy garden, BUT I really have so many other better things to do!! You were so brave! Think of the crumble!! Get peeling and freezing!

  3. Looks like you'll be baking some nice warming apple pies with lashings of custard, yummy. Lucey x

  4. I can assure you that you are not alone. I despise gardening and if anything is alive it surely won't be once I have arrived! I even managed to kill off the grass! Unbelievably I have managed to grow another lawn (there are some bald patches, I blame the dog!) We also have an apple tree, thankfully the wind blew and half of it fell down, but the other half is still hanging on. Don't you hate picking shed loads of apples off the grass? or is that just me. I actually don't mind cutting the grass, but thats as far as it goes. Adding teenagers to the mix! lucky you! Sue x

  5. Nope- don't like gardening much either. My husband hates me doing it too as I have a sort of scorched earth policy - just rip it all out and burn it - and leave great big gaping holes where once were flourishing green plants. (I can't tell the difference between most weeds and desirable plants.) I'd like to like gardening but I just do not. Although I do love a pretty garden to sit in. :)

    I am not too fond of teenagers either, even though I am mother to one. (Of course I love my child - just not this period in his life.)

  6. Apple sauce? Apple jelly? I thought at first the teenagers had attacked the garden :) xx

  7. I know what you mean about gardening, it's just the time element with me. Why spend 3 hours digging over a plot when I could be sewing? Although this year I am making a concerted effort to do something with my harvest of plums and apples. Twenty five teenagers! Wow! Half a dozen is my limit. Just rest assured they must have really enjoyed themselves though.

  8. Oh wow, look at that glut of apples! I'm not surprised you've been so busy peeling and chopping. I'm definitely a lazy gardener - head out every now and then to tidy the place up but I really have to be in the right mood to enjoy myself. I must admit though, you do sound a little crazy for allowing so many teenagers in your house ;) x

  9. Yes Verity, I can confirm that you are absolutley mad ! ;o)

    I cracked up at this, as my kids have been badgering us for a couple of years (!) to have a 'do', and so far we've managed to wriggle out of it :o)
    Poor you! :o(

    Still, look at all those gorgeous apples! They do look a bit like 'cookers' to me:o)
    If I lived nearer I'd come and give you a hand my lovely, but as I don't I'll send you a magic fairy to help out ;o)

    have a great week my lovely.xx

  10. I like to think that being a lazy gardener is a good thing, think of all the wildlife you are encouraging!!! Think you are very brave having lots of boys can tick that box and move on now!!! Make an apple cake and scoff the lot I say! Nattie x

  11. Oooh apples, my mum used to make an amazing apple cake with cooking apples. I hate gardening too :o) Scarlett x

  12. Hmmm! I remember parties like that and know exactly what you mean. Thankfully, those days are over in this house - I hope!

  13. Yep, you are completely mad!
    What a cool mum you are though. I don't have the guts to invite 25 of my son's 12/13 year old mates over, let alone having 8 for a sleepover! I've managed 5 11 year old girls (lots of squeaking)and that was bad enough!
    I hope you rewarded yourself with a LARGE G&T and a lie down