Monday, 22 August 2011

fabric and Greenwich market delights

So I have 'done' several weeks at Greenwich Market. I have learnt lots, met lots of people, and humped lots of bolts of fabric back and forth from my house to my car to the market and back (My back can vouch for that!)
At Greenwich there are many stall selling many things, as well as some great shops , I adore the bow maker, my absolute favourite stall there.

 Some of my fabric all laid out ready to cut
 Some of my new fabric, the birds has sold very well. While my favourite is the pointy hat lady riding the elephant.

 And here i am making a sale. The picture was taken by Lorna, who makes her own clothes. I need to take some pictures of them next time.
After discovering that Lorna already has lesson at Greenwich we have got together, she is really talented and does some great lesson and get togethers in the heart of greenwich. Check out her website and if you can come to one of her classes. I am going to go, as i really need to improve my dressmaking and want to become confident with those scary things called button holes and zips!


  1. Love markets, especially this kind, great fabrics and now you are going to be soooo busy xx

  2. Looks like so much fun - the market and the classes!

  3. Wow! I would be unable to contain my excitement with all that gorgeousness going on! Amazing pics x

  4. total swoon! I'm trying to work out if it was Greenwhich market I've been to. It must have been! I loved it! If only Chester market was anything close to it!

  5. Looks fantastic! Is it expensive to have a stall at Greenwich!? x

  6. Wow! You've been busy since I've been away my lovely :o)

    Hope you're doing well at the market takings wise! And after reading back a few posts to catch up on what you've been up to, I'm really sorry to read that those rioters came so near to you :o(

    Now, can we see your make of that Amy Butler pattern with that fabby bicycle fabric? :o)

    And i love your Frank's picture!! :o) What a sweetie he is!

    Take care now my lovely, and keep safe.
    Donna xx

  7. Oh I love it, I really must visit the market. Your stall looks scrumptious, and i hope you are making lots and lots of market money :o) Scarlett x

  8. Markets are one of my favourite things - I'm so envious that you get to spend so much time there. Sounds like your stall is a real success - well done, you must be really proud. Let us know how your sewing lessons go, I'm sure you'll be great, you've already made some lovely clothes without the lessons!

  9. Thank you darling for your lovely comment, have a brill bank hol! xx love Annie xx

  10. Looks like you are having fun selling at the market! Your fabrics are lovely!

  11. Very well done on the stall. Sounds like hard wok carrying all of that fabric around though xx