Monday, 17 October 2011

quick and a quilt

I thought i would briefly share with a quilt made for me by Sandi, who also has a stall (selling quilts surprisingly enough!) i gave her some bits and this is what she came up with.
 The picture just shows a bit of it - i think it's lovely and is now for sale with my fabric.
Frank at the was embarrassed about being caught dressing in pink gingham..................................

ooo and i can comment on blogs again so beware!


  1. Gorgeous quilt, she is very skilled! And Frank is so adorable as always. I will be posting you a little something this week to watch out for the postie x

  2. That's a lovely quilt, and very pretty fabrics!! Glad you are back xxxx

  3. Lovely use of colours and fabrics together. And dogs and fabrics ;-)

  4. Love this quilt, so pretty with your fabrics :)
    poor Frank, maybe blue is more his colour ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Beautiful quilt. I want to make a rag quilt for my puddleducks for Christmas. Any DYI instructions on making this happen?? I love your blog & light Debi

  6. haha ooooh frank!
    love the quilt! the colors and fabrics are lush!

  7. The quilt is fabulous! Looks like a lot of work went into it too :o) Scarlett x

  8. Hi,

    Sandi is clearly a VERY talented lady – what a gorgeous quilt!

    Tell Frank I think he can get away with that particular shade of pink!!! J