Monday, 3 October 2011

socialite dress and monkey trousers

This week I have begun to make a dress for my sister
using this lovely elephant fabric 
 Frank  helped with some knitting
and i got a lovely visit from Charlie, whose mum had bought some monkey fabric from me. He showed of the trousers in true model style. Isn't he cute! 
Hope your enjoying the last of the sun. Sorry i still can't comment on many peoples blogs at the mo... grrr to computers! oh and i am looking for a web host that is turning into a nightmare.


  1. Verity the unfortunate cure for the comment issue is to log out of Blogger, sign back in, makig sure the "stay logged in" check box is unticked, and from then on always log in fresh. It's a monumental pain but it works. Doesn't excuse Blogger for not fixing the issue though!!

  2. I wouldn't even attempt making a dress, I don't know how youve got the patience :0 I suspect Frank would be a better knitter than me ! xx

  3. Clever you on making the dress!! Frank looks about as good at knitting as I am!

  4. Bet the dress is going to look fantastic!! Frank looks like he had fun helping with the wool, Tash and Coco also love playing with wool and unravelled 2 full balls of wool across the living room floor a few months ago!! bless them ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Oh my! you are surrounded with such adorable assistance! Fortunate sister! love your blog, dont dispair. love & light Prudence Puddleduck
    aka Debi

  6. Hi, I love that dress pattern! I bet you were grateful for that knitting 'help'
    : )


  7. Hi,

    I've just discovered your blog. I like it here, so I'll definately be back again!!!

    Your sister is VERY lucky! That elephant fabric is GORGEOUS - and so unusual! I love it!

    I love your little doggy too - he's sooooooo cute! Especially with his knitting!!! :-)

    How can I subscribe/follow you, by the way?



  8. Frank is gorgeous - my little 'helper' is called 'millie' ;op