Tuesday, 13 December 2011

out comes the old white christmas tree

It is the something that comes out just once a year. It's old and battered and slightly dirty looking.... but i love my white Christmas tree. I have spent years collecting various decorations and of course making some. I thought i would share some of my favourites with you. There is no colour matching or theme just things that caught my eye.

 Father Christmas on the tele! bought a year ago and a little dog i made 2 years ago

 Suffragette with a broken arm and leg - she is a few years old.
 A little mix with a big black cat that i think looks like my cat Agnes.
 The reindeer is i think about 7 this year
 How could I resist a sewing machine?

And all together now! tacky? maybe.... but i do adore!


  1. Love your tree and your ornaments! Great stuff.

  2. Not at all, I love it. I love trees where every ornament has a story, not so much the designer colour scheme thing,which is very pretty too but not my thing :)

  3. I love seeing other people's trees - can't believe you found an old singer decoration!

  4. Not tacky at all, it represents you and what you love, so good on you! x

  5. No not tacky its sweet and as Rosa above says it represents you ;-) Love the TV and the little dog. Its lovely bringing out all the old friends each year, enjoy , dee x

  6. Not tacky at all (although there is nothing wrong with tacky, in fact I like tacky). You've got some lovely ornaments.

  7. Your tree is wonderful! I love trees that are full of precious memories of people and happy times.

  8. I think it looks splendid Verity! I so love your little sewing machine too. How cool is that? :o)

    have a fantastic Christmas, and stay well my lovely :o)

    Take care,
    Love Donna xx

  9. I adore your xmas decs! Have a fabulous christmas hun, Scarlett x