Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hello again !

 I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas break, and are raring to go for the year ahead. I have been taking a break, and haven't even been on the internet. It has been a lovely restful time, spent with my children and catching up with my wonderful friends. But the holidays are over and its time to get of the sofa and to have a day when i am not drinking wine!
I have done a small amount of making. above and below is the cushion i made for my sister

 I also noticed the front cover of this months Mollie Makes shows some fabric that i now have. I had to buy - but was slightly disappointed with this months issue. Anyone else?
 Anyway i made this cushion ready for Greenwich Market next weekend. I am into pom poms at the moment! I have also been doing the boring things like sewing on buttons on Cardigans etc - things that i have been meaning to do for ages.
 Now to end my post i thought i would share this picture - my sister and I went shopping and found it very amusing....
 Frank ate too much over Christmas and generally found having lots of visitors very tiring! I will be back asap to share more news and will also check out the fabulous blogs i follow. xxx


  1. Hello!
    Happy New Year! My Mollie Makes went on the pile of post and you have just reminded me - thank you!!
    I bet you were drunk-shopping with your sister! Funny though :)

  2. Love the cushion fabric, just like being in the countryside. Disn't know the new mollie makes was out but I'll have a flick through before I buy it, Lucey x

  3. Excellent fabric! A very happy new year to you!

  4. Hi,
    Happy new year to you (and to Frank)!
    Gorgeous fabric!
    I loved the freebie that came with this month's issue of Mollie. But I have to agree that the content of the mag was a little disappointing - the articles weren't as inspiring/pretty/colourful as usual. I hope the next issues are better (I got a subscription from Santa)!

  5. Oooo i had a little chuckle at that pic! I haven't heard of that mag. I feel left out.

  6. Wow that cushion is so impressive. I am just blown away. Lovely blog. I popped over to have a look and invite you to mine as there is a giveaway this week and you only have to link to it.

  7. Oh Bless him...he does look like he's had enough :o)

    Love your cushions, very nice my lovely.

    Have a great week, and take care,
    Love Donna xx

  8. Andrea - girl with the apron13 January 2012 at 14:06

    I subscribe to Mollie Makes and as soon as I saw the cover I thought 'Miss Ginger sells that fabic' I think that fabric is really versatile anything you make with it looks really lovely and has a vintage feel. Your cushions are great!

    I must pop down to your shop again and add to my fabric stash.

    See Ya Soon