Tuesday, 27 March 2012

getting round to it

As i said i would here are some of the things that did tempt me when i went to the craft show..and you all thought i had been so good.
Below this  cross stitch kit which is a bit of a blur but i have actually started, and i do love london (well sometimes....!)

 I just couldn't resist this sewing machine cross stitch pattern. When i get round to i think it will look fab by my sewing machine and think happy thoughts Pic. Not that i have found anywhere to live yet....
 This massive hoop which i shall fill with fabric and the small ones, cos i love the look of them hung on the walls.
 And lastly and very weirdly this paper dog. I intend to cover him in funky fabric and buttons (i hope i get round to it as i fear it maybe one of those projects that stays hidden away for a later day).
I am half way through the jumper i am knitting and am looking forward to a crafting Easter.
I also have to find somewhere to live, as i have said before i am sold and have to be out at the end of may. argggggghhhhh!


  1. Wow I can't believe it! I wanted to buy both of those cross stitch patterns! Especially the sewing machine one! I took home leaflets so I could order them later! I can't wait to see you finish them! xxx

  2. Nice shopping - I love the sewing machine cross-stitch soooo much.

    There is a home out there with your name on it for sure xxx

  3. Love the booty - especially the sewing machine. Good luck with house hunting. xx

  4. Great cross-stitch kits! I've been fancying giving cross-stitch a go, but can only find EITHER really old-fashioned (for granny) kits, or really, really expensive modern kits. Obviously, though, there are some nice ones out there. I'll keep looking.....
    Good luck with the house-hunting!