Monday, 19 March 2012

hello strangers.... and a craft show

Hello and once more it's been ages. Lots has been going on..... I have an offer on my house and have been spending all my time looking for houses, visiting houses, putting an offer on a house and not getting it, and more searching for houses. We had Ofsted at the school i work in which meant a crazy week that left me exhausted! I have managed to do Greenwich market a couple of times, and am hoping things will all calm down soon. I certainly hope it does.
On sunday i did take a little time out and went to the stitch and craft show at kensington.

 There was some great fabrics, which i managed to resist. Even though I sell fabric i was really tempted!
 ribbons that could be resisted.....
 i did resist the buttons....
 so much cross stitch, but i didn't get anything (well from this stall!)
 Dog mad and i love to knit but i resisted the dogs..

 i did buy from here....
And i did enjoy looking at the knitted village.
So i was quite restrained, partly because some of it was still quite old fashioned, but i did buy some things which i will save for my next blog which i promise will be quicker to come than this one!! so did anyone else go?


  1. Looked like a tempting day out!
    So glad you've had an offer on the house xxx

  2. Some gorgeous things to tempt you! looks like a great place to be :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it, I thought I was restrained but by the sounds of this post apparently not ha ha. I went on Saturday and had a great day. It was very busy by midday/early afternoon though so I'm glad we arrived early,, even still I'm gald I went. What a shame we went different days, it would have been lovely to have met you x x x x

  4. These events sound amazing. We run one here but it is on a tiny scale compared with the British ones. Quite envious really!! Sorry you missed out on a ahouse, hoorah for having an offer on yours!! All the best!

  5. Wow that knitted village is amazing, I love it! I want a child just so I can make them one to play with! Wow it sounds like you had a crazy week, good luck with everything! All those fabrics, ribbons and buttons are so tempting! XxxX

  6. So, so, so much tempting stuff!!! I don't think I'd have been able to resist the buttons - you are very good! ;-)
    I can't believe that knitted village! It's amazing!!!

  7. I went and was far less restrained than you and spent far too much money! I couldn't resist the fabric and ribbons! xx

  8. Well done on being so good! Was the village for sale or just display?

    And congrats on the house offer, I hope you find somewhere lovely soon.