Tuesday, 4 September 2012

September. New term. New beginning

For me it was the second day back at work after the lovely school holidays... I know a lot of people will be whooping with joy that everyone is back at school, but when your a teacher it isn't quite so good! The house is not even close to being finished and I am still surrounded by boxes and rooms needing work. I did manage to get the right and working bits for my bathroom, with an agreement that they will fit them in for me so i dont have to pay for a plumber. One point to me, but lets see if they honour that ( I really don't trust builders and all involved in the industry - and thats a whole new story!!!!). I will let you know.
With going back to work there was one room that for me was more important than any other that had to be ready.
Down stairs I have a funny little room which i know other houses in my road have turned into a downstairs shower rooms or utility rooms. I knew from my first viewing that this little room would be my fabric stock room and sewing room. It had been used to store gardening tools..
 The shelf filling with ribbons and pins and buttons..
 Vintage fabrics, trimmings and fat 1/4s
 I love bolts of fabric and am about to order more...
 Sewing patterns and i also now have a dressmakers dummy, so not excuse of making things to long, short anymore.
 It is my little room with all the things i love packed into it. While painting it turned out the ceiling just didnt like paint. After much frustration i was given the fabulous idea of using some of my vintage dressmaking books to wallpaper it with. My ceiling now looks like this \/
 And although the room is filled with things i love, my lovely Frank is one not allowed in. He isn't happy about it....

I also promised to shake up and make sure Miss Ginger is ready to move forward - even if i have to use a little wallpaper here and there..


  1. Oh you are doing brilliantly - congratulations on the bathroom negotiations, I knew you could do it!

  2. She made it, yay! I know there's still plenty to do but you got in, your sewing room is set up (I SO know what that is like!) and I will be praying to the God of Tradies for you too that the bathroom happens as it ought. :)

  3. Love the ceiling - what a great idea. (Also love Frank!)

  4. Just to let you know the above comment took four attempts at reading the letters/numbers to prove I am not a robot. Why is it on? It is possible to delete anything so easily if it not to your liking. Now for another annoyance! xx