Friday, 21 September 2012

It's friday, and the weekend starts here... well not quite here in my house but I certainly have that friday feeling. It has been a long week of teaching. As I work with young people with learning difficulties and autism the start of any year brings many challenges. Autism means you can often struggle with change. So having different teachers, moving to another room can be hard to cope with.
But the weekend is here. I plan to practise on my beautiful double bass that I bought as a little treat - after my move.

Ok so it wasnt really a little treat, it was a huge treat! In my defence I have wanted to learn to play since I was 16. After spending some time on one many years ago aT college I kept saying I would one day get one. It has taken me more than tweny years...
I found myself a teacher and am making slow headway. I have blisters on my fingers that i admit to be proud of! one day i will be able to play along to Johhny Burnet or my the new JD Mcpherson (check him out)
I hope to also have time to do a little sewing and crafting.
 What are your plans?

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  1. Oooh, Verity's got her groove on! How exciting! Not something you can take hiking to accompany singing around a campfire, but I think that is a very good thing myself! heheheh
    Gosh even I hate change, it must be so hard for your students, and on you too. You are a patient woman! :)