Monday, 24 September 2012

burda patterns and a vintage typewriter

The first dress i ever made was by Burda. I found that they are easy to follow , which
is something that i really need...
They have just bought out some new patterns that have made my fingers twitch. what do you think?
 I love this coat.....
 I am a 50's or 40's fashion girl but i am loving this 60's look. Anyone thinking of making? have made? do let me know.
 I recently got given this typewriter - isn't it gorgeous? I am of to look for some typewriter ribbon so that i can tip tap away..


  1. I have used lots of Burda patterns in the past, but not recently, only because I so rarely make for myself these days! Those look great. The typewriter is lovely - good luck with the ribbon hunt.

  2. These patterns are fantastic! I've only ever made one item (a dress) from a pattern. Though I'm eager to try some more, as long as they're simple!
    I say go for it.....

  3. Oh you are a very stylish girl!
    No tips on either, but sure you will make some great new outfits xxx

  4. Love the dress! I trained on a typewriter to type before computers were invented!! how old am I? enjoy using or looking at it sweetie :)

    Bee happy x

  5. Oh it's very Mad Men, I think they'd look great on you. Just came by to catch up, hope all's well x

  6. Hello Verity, I love the 60's style, the problem was that when those dresses were everywhere I was young and had a great figure. Now that I am older and my middle is getting thicker I would love all the 60's styles to return. I think that they are also very lady like . . . you know Jackie Kennedy and all that.
    I also think that your bass is beautiful and a lovely thing to treat yourself too.
    Thank you for following my blog and have a marvelous weekend, Connie :)


  7. I've been visiting your blog for a whilst now and I usually locate a gem inside your new posts. Thanks for sharing.