Sunday, 14 October 2012

a sunday for making

I was so tired on friday after work that i actually felt sick. So it was an early night, kids went to stay at their dads and I woke to a quiet but very untidy house. I spent all day saturday cleaning and sorting, another early night on saturday (life isn't very rock and roll...) which meant I woke all fresh to a beautiful sunday. So cleaned the kitchen up and made a new table cloth. (well i cut some fabric!)
 I really like this fabric and it does suit a kitchen.?
 I did a little more to my fabric dog
 Cut some fabric for a collegue at work. I made a dress from the fabric which made her want to make a cushion.( not sure what that says about my dress making/wearing skills!)
 This gives me with one hour before i start making tea for returning kids and mum who is coming to tea. so what to do? I got given this book for my birthday and is had some good ideas.
 So maybe this pinny?
 i love books covered in fabric.
 Or relax with this simple little cross stitch that is in an old cross stitcher magazine and have been meaning to do.
Or i might just bake a cake!
so how has your sunday been? busy ? Relaxing? crafty? or drunken?!


  1. I have had a day of cake fail :( But I'll get it right next time!

    I love the fabric you've chosen for your tablecloth, it looks perfect.

  2. oooh, bake a cake! I may have to whip up a tray bake cos I NEED sugar! Love that tablecloth fabric - so lovely

    BH x

  3. Oh I hope you got some lovely crafting done - or a cake...a cake sounds so good!

  4. Lovely that you got to recharge your batteries :) I spent Sunday teaching a pillowcase dress class to a group of lovely young working mums who wanted to make clothes for their own kids. It was such a good day. :)

  5. That tablecloth is awesome! I love your kitchen too. I think we're going to do some car work today. Ugh. But it needs to be done.

  6. I need that Liberty Home Sewing book...also: AD.OR.A.BLE. tablecloth!

  7. Fantastic kitchen tablecloth!!! :-)

  8. Cracking tablecloth - love that fabric - and your dog is looking mighty fine too.

    I'm starting to be quite intrigued with the idea of doing cross there's a thought.