Monday, 5 November 2012

Brrr it's cold now and i still managed to go for a swim at my local pool. I can't tell you how much effort it took to leave the house tonight! It really isn't swimming weather - it is much like knitting wooly weather. I have started to make myself a truely ginger scarf.

With the turn of the weather, the fields where i walk my lovely dog, have srung some amazing toadstalls. They may not be red with white spots , but isn't it fabulous. They really conjure up fairy tales to me

 So when your cold and had a chilly walk its best to come home to some hand knitted comfort. What are you knitting? Do you knit?
 With all these beautiful colours and types of wool available some beautiful creations can be made

And if you have any spare wool - i got this piture from this animal rescue site that always wants wool.
Wrap up now as its just going to get colder.


  1. Very lovely. I began crocheting an afghan and will hopefully have it done this week.

  2. I wish I could knit!
    I will be taking dear son to his swimming lesson tomorrow, does that count!? x

  3. Dare I pith in with a southern hemisphere gloat that it is getting warmer here? Well, actually I should say it is MEANT to be getting warmer here, but it really isn't!

  4. Love the knitting - and doggie too. Love knitting but not done any for three months. I'm on holiday with embroidery in NZ (small and portable). Will get onto it when I get back in Dec if Xmas doesn't get to me first!

  5. I love that toadstool photo.
    I haven't knit much for years now, but I've just finished knitting a very easy cowl.