Sunday, 11 November 2012

Saturday i worked hard to get most of the house work done so i could enjoy my sunday...
I couldnt decide what i wanted to make so decided to play with making some pictures. what do you think?
I bought these big buttons ages ago thinking i would add them to a jumper or something. Probably like most craft addicts i buy even when i don't need....

 strips of ribbons
 I do love a love heart - i haven't stuck this down as it looked better hollow and i may put on a different background.
 You may have guessed that i got myself a glue gun a. couple of weeks ago and it has proved addictive. It really sticks well and things have to watch out or it gets glued to something....I have been meaning to make a scrabble ring for donkeys and the V is for Verity - does that make me vain?!!!
 oh and i have some new fabric ready to sell sooon. below is just some which i will also add to my fabric page.

I think i like the above best...
I am now of to catch up on some of my favourite blogs. A good sunday. x


  1. Those fabrics are lovely, I especially like the shepherdess one.
    I think you need to stick the love hearts down or they might get eaten!

  2. Oooh lovely new pictures - and fab V badge!