Friday, 31 May 2013

half term is already coming to an end, where did it go? I have spent much of my time drinking to much with friends in the evening, and getting bits done for my website. taking lots of photos and working out how much i have left on each bolt, who it is made by blah blah....... A long process of which i am not yet half way through. below is a tiny selection of what i have done..

 I made my bedroom curtains from this so now i feel like i am asleep outdoors....

With just the weekend to go i best get cracking....


  1. Big job, innit! It's lovely to see a ruler in them photos, V, as so many sites forget to give scale information on prints. I've been caught out quite a few times buying something that has a wildly different scale than I was wanting!
    And drinking with friends is fun too :)