Sunday, 9 June 2013

new borns and new makes

The lovely weather we have been having encouraged me to get my camera out and take some pictures of what goes on by the side of my house. I moved last year - in fact it was a year ago yesterday. I just love where i live! I am lucky enough to live in a lovely part of south east London. And although i live on an estate, it has a large pond in the middle surrounded by some small blocks of flats and lots of grass. The pond had lots of geese and ducks and they have all recently had babies.

 In the middle is this rather fabulous statue. I have no idea who he is meant to be and why he is there but i have a little crush on him and say hello when ever i walk past. The water and railings stop me getting any closer.If i could then i think i would like to knit him a nice hat and give him something to hold in his hand.
 Alas he is guarded by the ducks too...
 I also managed to get the time to make another set of PJ's for a friend who admired mine. She is a gorgeous friend and i owed her a birthday present. I really enjoyed making them for her.
The pattern is by Burda and was relatively easy to follow and a simple pattern
 The neck line was probably the trickiest for me and i was pleased with how neatly i got it?

And i am happy to report that she loves them and has slept soundly in them, and they haven't fallen apart yet.........