Wednesday, 12 June 2013

help needed...

As some people may know i work in a special school. One of the young men i work with loves to play with balls and plastic toys. I invested in a bag of toys for him. Now he also like to eat anything and everything apart from most foods.....I gave him the toy below and within 1 minute I had to take it away. I thought he was a strong little alien man but i'm afraid he couldn't stand up to the test. He is rather cute and now the metal is showing he can no longer be played with. But I can't / won't throw him away (I have watched toy story...). but what can i do...

So what do you suggest happens to the little fellow.. such a short life and already footless rather than footloose. I'm thinking maybe some jar art? But i am hoping i get some suggestions to make his life a happy one....


  1. You could make him a whole selection of feet - dancing feet, clown feet, monster feet with claws - and change them around for fun.

  2. Poor little chap! I love Mim's idea - find that Fimo now!

  3. You could remove the other foot and stick him in the top of a birthday cake :)

  4. Poor bugger!! He needs a lie down under a mini quilt!