Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Bernie Dexter and the greenery

Look what I found,
this dress by Bernie Dexter (and also available with a full circle skirt from here)
 It is made from this fabric below. I made curtains in my bedroom from it, because I wanted to pretend I was sleeping somewhere from a fairy tale. It will be available from my website very very very soon....
 It does remind me of the pond near my house and my lovely statue man who lives in the middle. I am still trying to work out a way across so I can yarn bomb him. any ideas - which doesn't involve me getting wet....


  1. I love dresses like that one, it is lovely! Your curtains sound nice too x

  2. Oooh lala! Are you going to make a bombshell dress out of your curtains too? A sort of mid 20th C Scarlett O'hara! ;-)

  3. Excellent!! You are going to have to get some galoshes!!