Saturday, 6 July 2013

i need some luck

Its a beautiful day here in South East London, and I am sitting inside, at my kitchen table trying to sort out bits and pieces for my website. If you have visited my blog before you will have noticed that the look has changed, ready to fit in with the website.
I have been talking about it forever and it really is nearly here.
So I am now just hoping people will visit and like my stash of fabric. I am of to walk my lovely dog in a minute and will search for a four leaf clover.......
 Its been a long slog of having the idea years and years (or so it feels) ago. After some horrid times, some procrastination, and a lot of trepidation I have given up my job to do it full time and really try to make a go of being my own boss in something I really love.

 I now I will have to have all my fingers crossed and probably toes too
And maybe wear a rabbits foot.... NO! Rabbits look much better when they have their legs attached, so I shall just wear my rabbit necklace made from wood.
Mine is the one in the middle and I bought it on a trip to Brighton to see a friend I hadn't seen for twenty years, and I felt very lucky to be back in touch with her.
I still have lots more fabric to add to the site and sewing patterns, but I am now getting butterflies thinking about it.
Right now though I think it may be time to walk frank, and then maybe some Pimms and Tennis?


  1. I love the new look of your blog! I had noticed it last time you posted. Gorgeous necklace too - much nicer than a rabbit's foot to get luck from!!

  2. I'm sending you lots and lots of luck with your venture. It's always hard to take the plunge but I'm sure you will be successful.

  3. No luck required - it'll be great if the blog makeover is anything to go by xxx