Thursday, 1 August 2013

Copenhagen break part 1

I've been away for a two day break to celebrate my daughters 18th. For her present she got to choose a European city to visit. I was very happy that Copenhagen was chosen as I had been before and loved it. This visit didn't disappoint and I got to see some things I hadn't on previous visits. Firstly was the little mermaid. It is quite a walk to get to, but luckily the walk was lovely and the weather great.

After we stopped for Lunch in the beautiful Nyhaven.  
Copenhagen is extremely expensive so we did do lots of walking and looking rather than any buying!
We went up to the Carlsburg Museum but didn't do the tour. If you look you can see two people looking down at you..
 There were so many lovely houses, and buildings
Some freaky shops as well as the lovely Scandinavian design shops (oh my I could have spent a fortune !) 
I even managed to see a bit of yarn bombing. I thought this one was particularly lovely 
Back now with blistered feet and an empty bank balance I thought I would share this brief little snap of two days in Copenhagen and will share more later. Has anyone else been? Would love to know what others think of this beautiful city.


  1. Never been, but would love to. What a lovely present to give to your daughter ...
    M x

  2. I haven't been and am rather jealous!!
    Love your Going Coastal top xxx