Friday, 2 August 2013

Copehagen and a bit of Danish design appreciation

As I wrote yesterday, I am just back from a short break to Copenhagen. It is my third visit to Copenhagen and Fourth to Denmark. I do love it there. The Danes seem to know a thing or two about quality of life and I do love Scandinavian design. So I thought I would continue on the theme today by sharing some of my pictures and also some images of my favourite designs from Denmark.

This lovely monkey by Kay Bojeson is just so simple and beautiful. The wood used such a lovely colour.

Can you believe I was kindly bought one about 10 years ago and my dog of the time ate it. I was so upset and they are not cheap so have never been able to replace.

 I also really love the Architecture of the city. Many of the bigger houses look like lovely dolls houses, and as it seems that everyone has a bike here you see them all parked up outside.
 I took this picture of a wallpaper shop as I did love the wallpapers on display, especially the lion faces.

 You also have Tivoli Gardens right in the centre of town that mixes the old with the new and is very much worth a visit. We managed to spend 6 hours quite happily there. I say happily but some of the rides truly made me shake with fear! I will never ever go on the swings anywhere ever again. 800 feet up on a little wire was not my idea of fun and I was way too scared to enjoy the view. !
 Below you will see some of my fabrics that I feel have a little scandi edge to them, if you click on the title it will take you to where they are for sale.
Of course if you are talking about Danish design you have to mention Arne Jacobsen. I have always lusted after and 'egg' chair.. maybe one day?
And of course the fabulous lighting....
Copenhagen is truly wonderful and I hope I get to go again one day soon. I may have to save up first as all this beauty and fun comes at a high price!
Thanks for reading