Sunday, 4 August 2013

How to make an easy peasy drawstring bag

The last couple of days have been spent making some draw string bags. I want to make enough to create a washing line of the bags to be used to hold scarves and accessories to tidy and look nice. After posting the picture of a couple I made I was asked  on how you make them, so decided I would do this post. There some different ways but below is how I do it. Hope you find it useful. They are super simple......

Firstly , of course, you need to choose your fabric. I went for menagerie which is available here
 Choose the size you would like to make your bag. remember to make the length longer than the sides as you will be turning over to make the top hem.
 I drew and measure my bag to be 30cm by 40cm
Cut out the two pieces and lay together with right sides facing. Pin together. 
Leaving the top clear, sew down the side, the bottom and the side. 
trim corners 
iron the hem flat. 
Turn down top with one fold. 
then fold again. 
 Iron, then sew the hem into place.
 using a seam ripper make a hole at the top side hem (excuse the nails..)
Choose your ribbon or chord and using a safety pin 
Push threw the length of the top hem 
Pulling the pin out at the same hole. 
and there you go. a quick make !  
I am of to make another and may even decorate the next. I would like to put an image on the bag of what I am going to put inside.
Happy sewing! x


  1. That lovely material is just like a needlepoint cushion I made. Someone somewhere must be a copy cat!

  2. Oh you will have the prettiest and most organised accessories going!

  3. Love the fabric and spotty ribbon combo!

  4. I agree - a great combination of fabric and ribbon. Have fun with making more - I bet you struggle to choose which fabric next!