Sunday, 25 August 2013

this patchwork quilting thingy

I have started my second patchwork quilt. This time going for an orange, white and black theme. I was a little unsure at first but I do think its looking ok. Its not perfect but so far I am happy.
 I started with the Michael Miller Eiffel Tower fabric. I really wanted to do something with it and was going to make a bag. but the call of trying second quilt was too strong! Maybe a bag after? the fabric is available here
I shall be learning from the mistake of my first quilt hopefully. I am going bigger too. Oh la la fingers crossed that it works as I have spent quite a while on it already. plus I have an itch to make the bag and a dress so I need to stitch and sew quick!!
Hope your all having a lovely bank holiday weekend. x


  1. It's looking beautiful V - you know where I am if you want to ask any daft questions xxx

  2. It is very cool. I would so love to get into sewing!

  3. I dearly love the orange, white and black! It is really unusual s everyone does yellow or red with black and white. You're a trend setter! xo