Tuesday, 20 August 2013

first festival

Just a few weeks ago I went to my first festival. I have friends who have been going to festivals for years and felt like I should bite the bullet and go and see what all the fuss is about. I had always been put of by the thought of portoloos and mud.. One friend said I should try Wilderness first as it is smaller and a more gentle introduction.
Arriving with my sister on the Thursday night we managed to get the tent up bed blown up and even had a bbq as the night set in. It rained a bit the first night and the sound on the tent was loud but rather lovely!
The actually site of this festival is truly beautiful, crossing the water to get from tent to main area was certainly not a hardship.

 The weather was beautiful and when tired of wondering around and seeing different bands and talks we sat by the river and enjoyed the quiet by the water.
 I just love music of all types and it was great seeing bands I had never heard but wanted to hear more of after. one being a man called kwabs who had a voice like butter have a listen here.
I coped with the toilets, even got a shower, coped with sleeping in a tent and am hoping to go next year and also to go to maybe another. Yes Wilderness certainly did make me realise I want to try more festivals.


  1. Looks really great. Never been to a festival or even slept in a tent, maybe i'm missing a trick! x

  2. You're right about that Kwabs bloke! Glad you had fun! x

  3. That looks great fun! I went to my first festival this year too, they're really not so bad.