Tuesday, 10 September 2013

blogger messing me around

My blog keeps telling me I don't follow anyone.... I do I do I do!
So before I go to try and sort it out I thought I would just share with you the new range that is coming soon from collectif.... I am wanting quite a lot of it....

I do like a bit of tartan and think I may look into stocking......

right I need to find you all as I do like keeping up with all your news. xxx



  1. Keep hitting the refresh button - we'll re-appear xxx

  2. My blog does that at times too! x

  3. Yup, so does mine,. Gave me a right turn first time! But I cosed and reopened and they all reappeared. I follow blogspot blogs via blogger and teh rest via bloglovin', it works better that way. :)
    Loverly things on that site!