Saturday, 7 September 2013

finished quilt and a cushion

So I have been teaching all week. I was trying to cut down my time in the classroom but was convinced that I would love a class of six year olds.... A very shattered me by Friday meant that last night I was only fit to sit in front of the tele and not even see what was on, staring blankly at the screen. Today I just about managed to finish the quilt I had been making...
 Again it is only my second, but i'm quite pleased with it. Of course I have to mention all the fabrics I used are available on my website. x
 I then decided to make a cushion for my bedroom..
 I do like a bit of pom pom trim. I love this fabric too, fat purple cabbages!
It seems to be getting that bit colder so comfort was the name of the game. It may also have been down to the fact I was so tired. Tomorrow though it needs to be something to wear.
Hope your all having fun in the last of the blue skies. While I think an early night is in order..


  1. I can't believe it's your second quilt either. It's flipping gorgeous, you clever thing you. The cushion is fabulous too and you can't go wrong with a bit of pompom trimming that's for sure!xx

  2. I love the colours of your quilt. It looks really well made.

  3. Oh how I remember my first week with 6 year olds - they seem to emit this high pitched squeal all day that goes straight through the sinuses and into the brain - major headache! It abated eventually! I hope your head is OK! And your quilt is just so delicious!

  4. Your quilt is amazing. I love your colour choices and would never have thought of putting them together like that.

  5. Adore the quilt, and the fact that my 6 year olds are out screaming and shouting at someone else again!!!

  6. I love that quilt. Very Halloweeny! (Halloween is my favourite holiday.)

  7. Fab!!! I really can't believe that this is only your second quilt!?! Wow!!! :-)