Friday, 6 February 2015

cute animals...

I love this new fabric I am now stocking from Elizabeth Studio, I do have a 'thing' for animals

A vegetarian from the age of 13. Because I just hate animal cruelty and how could you eat something so lovely just to fill your tummy?
And of course I have my Frank, the coolest cutest dog in the whole world. I am so lucky to have him. Not only is he super handsome but he is also great fun

A little lazy, so just loves to be comfortable and have a cuddle.

He hates having his picture taken, but when you look this good you have to put up with it!

I am looking forward to spending time with him this weekend .
Have a great one.


  1. Have a lovely weekend - stay warm with the furry friend xxx

  2. Is he a wheaten coated terrier? So cute! And the moo fabric is very cute too!