Friday, 31 July 2015

Ceramics, Brighton and fun with friends.

Last week I had a day out with friends. It always takes a little organising to get us all together, finding baby sitters, dog sitters, days we can all do and its always worth the effort because what a fantastic bunch of women they are. So it was of to Brighton for the day.

 The weather wasn't great but four people got in the sea. I didn't!!! It needs to be a lot hotter to tempt me into sea.

I insisted we went on the pier and on the ghost train. It wasn't scary or that great but as by then we had all had a couple of glasses of wine it some how become hysterically funny...
After a little shopping it was back to Liz's house. She lives in Brighton and she is 'Inspired Mosaics'.
Her house is fabulous and the garden is just gorgeous with pieces of her work on show.

Firstly we looked around her work shop - hidden at the back of the garden and where Liz runs classes. You can see more about her work and classes here (you can also stay as a quest)
It was the perfect end to the day, sitting in the gorgeous garden, more with cake and more wine...
Looking at Liz's designs

Gorgeous colours - I felt like a kid in a candy store!
Time for wine..

I am hiding the massive smile on my face after such a gorgeous day. We are planning Margate next... just need to find a day we can all do....
summer is gorgeous!

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  1. Looks like a brilliant day ladies!
    PS. Love your cute top xxx