Friday, 7 August 2015

shorts house work and letting go

Hello from sunny South London! The summer seems to be coming back again and my daughter requested I make her some shorts. She choose the bonehead fabric from Michael Miller. The pattern was from a sewing magazine and very easy to follow. In the picture they are not finished, but bucking my usual trend, they are now. I will share the finished next time. They must be ok as I have already been asked for another pair..
I have been tidying up and cleaning at lot this holiday. Being a teacher in a really stressful environment, a single mum, and having my own business means housework often takes a back burner, so its nice to have things clean and organised for a change, My children do like to ruin it all again though....

I have the best dog in the world and he is so much fun but also really chilled. Something I am hoping will one day rub of on me. I would like a little rant here about certain things, but for now I will do 'a frank'. Make a cuppa and breathe. Maybe make the shorts or maybe something else... sewing calms me and the satisfaction from a make gives me a buzz.



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  1. I reckon sewing must be like knitting and sorting buttons - when it is going well that is. One of those activities that soothes the mind, while also increasing the satisfaction of having made something. It gets me through too! And I view housework as a health and safety requirement, not a lifestyle choice ;-)