Sunday, 16 August 2015

New fabric and Merchant and Mills

The joy of a day out and bringing back a sewing pattern.
I had a fabulous day in Hastings, one of those days where you run out of time and leave much later than you planned. The weather wasn't great but the rain held of and was perfect for sitting on the stoney beach and stare out to see.
I love the shops in Hastings and popped into the rather gorgeous Butlers Emporium. Just look at how gorgeous it is! I adore the French soap they sell and popped into get some and came out with...
A new sewing pattern from Merchant and Mills a company from nearby Rye. Today after walking the gorgeous Frank I intend to make the camber set. It can be a top or a dress.

It looks quite an easy pattern and I have got some new fabrics in so I think I will use one of them.
I think this one would suit it well, and would suit it well and is available here
BUT as usual I think I may go a little odd.

 Could it be the lovely tasty strawberries from Elizabeth Studio
 I always love an Eiffel Tower image and I do like Michael Millers
 Or a bit of Funky owls?
 These cowboys could be fun...
I might even go for something else. Maybe the walk will help me decide...
What would you use? I do think half the fun is in the choosing before the making.


  1. Wow! Butlers Emporium looks amazing!

  2. I have that owl fabric!!! And, get this, Rye is where I got my tattoo, and Camber which is a village nearby, is where my husband's father lived for 30 years. It is such a beautiful area and is very close to my heart. I must check out Merchant and Mills :)