Sunday, 23 August 2015

Meet, create, eat cake.

Meet Create Eat Cake
At the moment (big move may happen..) I live in South East London and am lucky enough to be close to the city but surrounded by greenery. I have three fields near me and it has been full of blackberries. While walking the dog I have collected some over the last few weeks. So many in fact, I am running out of ideas of what to do with them all.

Today's pickings have been made into blueberry cupcakes, even the frosting has them mixed in. I was worried what would happen when I threw in the berries into the mixer but they turned the butter icing into a lovely colour without the need for anything artificial  - they are delicious and ready to take to my nephews birthday lunch tomorrow. Any ideas for what else I can do with them?

I have tried to make my little house a little fresher and to cover up the scuff marks in the hall, I painted a big square of blackboard magnetic paint. I am yet to draw on it but I really like it. Now what to use/draw on it?

and now to get on with some sewing...

last week of freedom,,,


  1. Love your magnetic/chalkboard square! I would love one! I think that I would draw inspirational quotes up there or things like that. I would love to make on in our house!

  2. Lovely! Blackberries are so delicious. Blackberry and apple crumble is delish, although probably not very appealing in your hot weather!