Monday, 31 August 2015

Merchant and Mills The Camber set

Today I have a little bit of the blues, its the last day of my lovely summer break from teaching. And such a lovely summer it has been. I haven't left the UK but managed some trips to the seaside and days out. Silly red head didn't buy sun tan cream and ,yes , you can burn in the British sun! You would think I would know that by now.... My last day before stepping back into 12 to 14 hour days with no break, but this time I hope to keep up my work on Miss Gingers. If you have read my blog before you will see that one of my trips was to Hastings where I discovered the lovely Merchant and Mills. So I have had to start stocking them.

I decided on the Camber set as its a nice simple pattern and looked easy to wear too.
The pattern comes as both a dress or top. The pattern pieces are separate which I think makes it good value. The fabric I used was Vintage Couturier by Robert Kaufman and available here
Today I intend on making the dress version from this light denim as I can picture it with boots with winter. Winter... maybe I should use the heavy denim?
I found this image below on the net and love the style in a funky fabric.
so maybe not denim but the fabric below? oh decisions!!
I should be preparing for work...grrrrr.
I am hoping to do the shirt dress next and would love to do a sew along with people. Let me know if you would like to, or the Camber set. x

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