Friday, 11 September 2015

dreaming of time to make

Don't we all? I see things all the time that I would like to make. I go shopping and think 'oh I could make that, but of course I rarely get round to doing it. I hear and sometimes see what my lovely customers make (some of which I have shared on here) and it makes me want to make more and more. I collect books, magazines, photos and patterns. I have my own little stash that I keep for that day I have to myself...
I do sometimes get around to something. Like the dress I made last week. Which I am now doing for my daughter , except shorter because she is young and I didn't want to show my knickers when bending over little children. Not a good look for a teacher...
so here is mine....sensible teacher..

So now you see the Camber set as a dress and a top. I hate having my picture taken as you can see...
right I am of to finish my daughters and then to something else on my list....
would love to know about your lists.


  1. Your dress and top look fab! I think we are all the same, I have the patterns, the fabrics, oh and lots of ideas but I never seem to get around to making things for me!
    P.S I don't like having my photo taken either, these young daughters of ours make it look so easy with all their beautiful selfies!

  2. Love the dress! I need to learn how to sew :)

  3. Oh my I can SO relate to this! Today I taught a short class in the morning and thought ooh, I can get some sewing done this afternoon. What with customers needing help, the phone, and a hundred other interruptions, I had time to sew rings onto half a dozen strings of bunting that I had aready made. Hardly a big sewing fest! LOL!