Thursday, 21 January 2016

A little late but my Christmas make

Ok, so its nudging towards February but I wanted to share my Ginger Bread House. Miss Gingers had to try and make a ginger bread house, I think it's the law!
I got the recipe from BBC recipes and looked at what some others had made.
I cut out my own templates and then went for it.
 I had never done one before and was amazed at the strength of egg whites in icing sugar to hold it all together.
 I was so pleased with how it looked that I wished it was just the beginning of the Christmas season so I could make more
We spent the actual day at my sisters and it even made the car ride in one piece. But you may spot that some of the chocolate fencing mysteriously disappeared while taking our coats of and leaving the greedy dog Frank for one second. I suppose he wanted to show his appreciation of my work.
 I have to say it did taste good, and my beautiful little elves appreciated it too.
I already want to make more and am thinking a farmyard for next year!


  1. Oh a gingerbread farmyard would be brilliant! This year's effort turned out beautifully.
    Gingerbread houses were always a Christmas tradition in my house growing up, and it seems that they generally turned out looking rather abstract and never quite this lovely (but they always were delicious and so fun to make). You've inspired me, I might have to resurrect the tradition next year!