Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The joy and pain of a house move

As I am moving I have had to do the taste of making the house 'viewing ready'. It has been such hard work! After spending the last few years working exhausting hours I had quite a bit to catch up. As a little bit of a horder, and a messy maker, and owner of a cat and dog, the task ahead seemed get grow the more I did. But finally it is ready. My lounge chair had been up un my  bedroom but it is now back where it should.  This made Frank was very happy as he got a good view of the television for his favourite programme 'for the love of dogs'. You can just see Elvis hiding in the background. I just couldn't put him in a cupboard but he will be tucked away if need be. With a lick of paint it is looking much better.
 I have repainted my dresser, going from blue to cream. I really like it against the pink and even though it doesn't come with the house I think it makes the kitchen look cleaner and nicer? I have had to put away in the loft quite a few ornaments and tins as it had been full to bursting..
 My bedroom was just too hard to be clutter too much, its my room and I like my things and being reminded of what I could wear!
 It is a lot neater though...

Right ! I am ready, first step to the big new adventure.


  1. Oh good luck! It's such a tricky transitional time but I'm sure it will be worth it! xx

  2. It all looks splendid. Moving house is such a stressful business.

  3. All the best and wishing you two passionate buyers willing to fight it out and run the price right up!

  4. Oh god it's a nightmare isn't it? Will be worth it in the end though! It's looking good, I also have bright pink in my kitchen, chalk paint on the back of the doors x