Monday, 11 January 2016

The beginning of the beginning, after quite a few years of beginnings.

Miss Ginger's was a dream of mine many years ago, and one that I slowly started working on. I bought my first batch of fabric, starting with just 30. I then started at Greenwich Market. Being a teacher of children with special needs took up so much of my time. Teaching is a job that really does engulf you. Most people think we start at 9 and finish at 4, but I would get to work for 7.30 - 8 , no real lunch break, home about 6 with often paper work to be done, Sundays were spent planning lessons ready for the week ahead. So I had to stop Greenwich and got myself a website.
 With the website up and running the orders came in and were sent out.
 The amount of fabrics I stocked built but I still really couldn't spend time on promoting and blogging and selling in the flesh so to speak.
 I did manage to make a few bits of clothing, and my sewing improved but not to the standard I wanted it to be
      SO.....   I have taken the plunge and given up teaching, after 20 odd years !!! Its very scary but very exciting. The first week of my new life has been spent walking frank and getting my house ready to sell. Lots of cleaning and de cluttering (painful - I love clutter!)

My little house is going on sale and I am moving to be able to invest more money into the business and get the shop I have been dreaming about all these years. So stay on board and see what happens when you make the jump to live the dream! It could go wrong but right now it feels quite fabulous.



  1. I hope your new venture works out well for you. I know about clutter, sometimes I have to have a sweep and clearout. Do love Frank, he looks a real sweetie.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, and yes frank is just a best dog! xx

  2. Oh my goodness you only just got there! How exciting too, and scary. I remember being so scared at what I was doing I just wanted to be sick! But it doesn't mean anything really, it's hard work and marketing and being great with people and stocking the right stuff that makes a business thrive, not not feeling afraid. Exciting stuff, go you! xo