Thursday, 18 February 2016

how to make a shirt

I last blogged on how I had completed the one week course at Fashion Antidote - titled 'make a shirt make a dress'. The course was so good I booked for the two day 'make a shirt'.
I always thought shirts looked so hard and maybe not much fun.either.
I was wrong, another two great days learning how to make cuffs and collars and all that jazz was actually very satisfying. It is great to achieve something you didn't think you could.
I started to realise that I had been missing out. Yes shirts are not the easiest things in the world to make and you have to make sure you are VERY neat and straight
It is very  satisfying and actually there are lots of things you can do creatively.
And while I was working away in the East End learning this skill Frank was having a lovely time relaxing at Ian's. He enjoyed himself far to much and I have a feeling he may have been slightly disappointed about coming back home. He certainly made the sofa his!
But the shirt was made and although I need to practise and make some more to perfect my skills, I am really proud.
it has also helped to learn and perfect skills that can be used in other sewing projects.

so time to go practise and I have ordered an over locker which I am waiting for and can't wait to use!

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  1. Cooool! I love shirts, I love all that fiddling and pattern matching and top stitching and flat felled seaming. Mind you, these days I have a "stitch b!tch" to do it for me! I teach her how to do stuff and she can do it instead of me. It feels a little odd I must admit, like getting someone else to write an essay for you, but as in this case I am the teacher not the student, it's legit!
    SB teaches me a few things - like using the blind hem foot for top stitching as it lines p perfectly. Amazing!