Sunday, 14 February 2016

Fashion Anicdote and improving skills.

I have had a busy week improving my sewing skills. I signed up to Fashion Anecdotes course stage 1 make a skirt make a dress. Details can be found here

After two days of being shown different techniques and practising on calico we started to make our dresses. As people may know I had made several dresses before but I never felt that they were great or made that well. I did the course as I wanted my sewing standard to be more professional.
I did go with the cloud fabric from Elizabeth Studio.

The fabric is available here
One of my favourite parts was using an overlocker and yes , I am going to HAVE to get one. It just gives such a great finish and I found it fun to use too!
I am so pleased with how well made the dress is, and that is hugely dues to the great teacher we had There was four of us in the group and we all agreed that the course was really worth doing and I would highly recommend.
finally the dresses we all produced by the end of the week.
Mine in the cloud
In a lovely piasley
lovely polkadot
and the sophisticated
I love how different they make one dress pattern look. I need to get practising now so I don't forget all the great tips on making a dress the professional way.
oh I need an overlocker... anyone have a good one they could recommend?

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  1. I think the red is my favourite. You are so talented, these dresses are lovely!