Monday, 8 February 2016

I can't make decisions

I really struggle to make a decision at times ( I often heard saying @can I think about it) and the worst is when I am choosing a fabric for a project.
I am currently on an intensive sewing course with Fashion Antidote just of Brick Lane. First day today and I really enjoyed it and have already learnt loads. We are going to be making a dress and need to take in our fabric and lining. I can't decide. And no it doesn't help that I sell fabric- too much choice!.
I have a day to decide and I am thinking

 clouds by Elizabeth Studio
Poppies by Elizabeth Studio
Parklandscape by Michael Miller
And now I have made a commitment to these three I am thinking maybe I should avoid nature, why are they all nature?! ok I have to decide... maybe the pugs? I have to say though, it is quite a nice problem to have!
I will let you know. x


  1. Good on you. Choose something were you can see the details as you work on them, with some pattern matching challenges. Good for learning!

  2. Yep, I have this problem too, mainly with paint colours and interiors stuff. Too much choice makes life hard!