Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Last Sunday I went to the Barbican for three things in one day, all fabulous but  I thought I would start by telling you about the last part of the day first.
I always thought I didn't like silent films but then I discovered Buster Keaton! A few months ago I went to see a double bill with live piano accompanying, and I couldn't help but be mesmerised.
Buster Keaton has been copied so many times in films right up to the present day, and you can see why. Plus he was rather beautiful.

 Always with the same dead pan face
His films are full of warmth as well as humour. His expression, while rarely a smile always shows how he is feeling.
 Of course his love of dogs go down well with me
Well it made me laugh...
One of the films I saw on Sunday was Go west, with Buster as friendless down on his luck man tries to be a farm hand and forms a close bond with one of the cows 'brown eyes'. You could hear people laughing throughout, and there were even children laughing.
The man seems to be made of rubber which you can see in the clip below. (though I have to say you need to see a whole film to really understand his charm.)
The story behind why he was so good at taking a tumble goes back to his childhood. His parents were performers and from the age of three Buster would pretend to be 'naughty' to annoy his dad until he was thrown around, sometimes into the audience and this is how he learnt to fall without injury.

The only thing I would say is you have to be careful with what music is playing, it can really make a difference. If you don't like it try another version. top tip!

Honestly you will be glad I told you. Give him a try!


  1. Ye god! Is that puppy coming out of his flies or is it tucked between his legs. Whatever. It's wrong - very wrong. May have to share that image on Facebook! xx

  2. I love Buster! I've only seen a few of his films at the cinema, but they are brilliant.