Wednesday, 9 March 2016

One of those days and needing a rocket

Its been a busy week for me and maybe that's why today I just can't seem to get started. I am not ill but maybe a little deflated. It started with a drive down to Hastings to view a property and then walking along the sea front to have a cuppa with a friend. The house wasn't for me, maybe just as well, as I STILL don't have an offer on mine. Being down there did confirm that I want to get there as soon as I can. Then the next day I notice that the house I had my eye on a little while ago has come back on the market. I hope to go soon to see and with two viewings on mine now booked I am trying to think positively.

 Then  a lovely weekend in Darlington for my mans birthday. It was fun and I got to go to the Beamish Museum which I had last visited when I was a student (!) at Newcastle quite a while ago...It was cold but I do love an outside museum. It made me laugh that some of the old houses had a bit of feel of my house.!
And then it was back to working on my business and this whole move new life change thingy. and I feel like this....Today seems to be slowly ticking by and I haven't achieved anything. I hate all the bureaucracy. In modern times everything seems to be done via forms and being sent from one department to another and then back to the first who try to then get you to go back to the other! Then there is the waiting...
 Trying to buck myself up, shake of the blurrrrr ready to make another dress. I have managed to complete one dress for my sister and with two more on order I best get to it...
or I could go for a bath and a nap..NO!


  1. You can't go wrong with a house by the sea. Trust me! Good luck with house hunting. x

  2. Oh wow. It will all come together and then you'll be on Cloud 9! and that dress is such a lovely style, what is the pattern?