Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Simplicity sewing patterns and waiting for the door bell to ring...

I went to buy some purple thread and just happened to come across these two patterns. Honestly I have a mountain of sewing tasks, I have patterns that I have in pile that I plan to make but does that stop me getting two more? As you can see below - no it doesn't!

This one is Simplicity 1080 a. I thought it would be lovely for spring / summer and I do love a dress that can be worn with or with out tights and can be worn through
out the year. I also love the fact that I can play and show case a mix of my fabrics.
This is the simplicity 1080 and again gives the chance of some more fabric mixing and matching
 I have now started to stock Kona Cottons and can experiment with some patterned fabric mixed with some solids. I may show some of those mixes and see what you think later.. Kona cottons are available here
I have time to see what fabrics I I think go together as my lovely new overlocker already as run out of two threads. Having made 4 dresses and loved the results an over locker gives I can not to back to zigzagging.. A friend is waiting for a dress I made but I need to finish off the sleeve seams - just the sleeves but I don't want to give her something I am not happy with.
So come on Mr postman and give me my overlocking thread! oh and yes that's a little bit of Elvis you can see, he likes to watch me sew...
would love to hear fro anyone else who is thinking of making the dresses.

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