Monday, 11 April 2016

pizza hut pizza not..

Does this Pizza look tasty? No? would you like a pizza delivered with some nice bite marks out of it. It seems that this is the service you get from Pizza Hut. Last week I ordered my children Pizza. I hadn't had time (or inclination!!!!) to cook and as my daughter was back from Uni I thought I would treat them.

We ordered the pizza's (luckily I didn't want one!!)  and this beauty arrived. I called to complain and was told it was fine.... but they would send another with 15 mins. An hour later and hungry teenagers I called again to be told they were very busy..May be they were busy eating bits from peoples pizzas?
What had annoyed me most is that, that was it. No sorry, no nothing. I filled in the customer form with the details to head office and no one has bothered to get in touch. So beware one and all...I still feel slightly queezy..
Now I hae just finished making a pinny which I will show you tomorrow! xx

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  1. That is truly disgusting at all sorts of different levels. The bitemarks, lack of apology. I quite incredulous. Perhaps it wasn't staff that took a nibble but an unidentified animal lurking in the ktichen. Yuk! x