Friday, 1 April 2016

The shirt Dress continues..

The shirt dress continues to be a make a like to do....Below you can see my lovely sister who asked me to asked me to make her one. She is a funky woman and wanted it in the berry good from Elizabeth studio fabric. I was really excited and a little nervous about making it.

 As it was nearly finished I got more excited. I think it looks great! and wished I had made myself one in this fabric too! I cant now as I know my sister would not be happy with me copying her!
The fabric is available here
 Bunty her lovely spoodle had to get in on the act!
 Here are the dresses in solid kona cotton fabrics...
Today I am going to make another style but I am sure I will be using the shirt dress pattern again!
happy sewing

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  1. It is lovely. I'd asked my mum to make me some except I'm trying to be really good and not acquire too many new clothes this year xx